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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  December 9, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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i, uh, i said wishing. [ female announcer ] when we do the cooking, you do the enjoying. safeway. ingredients for life. station, the target of a terrorist attack. >> we are now producing terrorists in the united states in some form or fashion. >> the growing threat close to home. and the type of person pushed toward such dramatic measures. a major blaze in california. why police burned this place down on purpose. >> rain for the weekend, maybe some snow. when it will move in and the parts of the state that could see the worst in my forecast. >> compelled to make sure that this dream did not go untouched. >> a sick child's christmas wish. how the community came together to brighten her holiday.
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>> i'm jeff barns. jennifer is off tonight a7-year old boy is badly hurt after jumping out of a moving school bus. live with the story you're seeing first on fox. >> jeff, doctors here at johns hopkins say the boy is in critical condition tonight. he's fighting to stay alive while baltimore county police investigate this case. now, the boy is a city school student at the school at st. vincent's, a school for mentally and emotionally challenged students. the accident happened near the school yesterday about 3:00 at the interaction of pot spring order and gird wood road. police say the boy got into a fight on the bus, the boy tried to run out the front door, could not. then he ran to the rear door,
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opened it and jumped out. there were aids on the bus. surprising news for people hearing about the accident. >> it's crazy. you never know. i think that the doors should have been better secured. someone should have been standing by the door. or at least ready when they saw him start to act up. >> well, a spokesperson with baltimore city schools has released a statement that reads in part: >> live in east baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45. >> the man arrested for attempting to bomb a military recruiting center will be in court nextwoman. antonio martinez, aka muhammad hussain is set for detention hearing on monday. held without bond. martinez told an fbi source in october he planned the deadly attack. they gave him a fake bomb and he
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tried using it yesterday. he faces attempted murder charges and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. this was the most recent domestic attack foiled by the feds. more on homegrown terrorists. joy. >> jeff, we're starting to hear more and more about homegrown terrorists. individuals raised right here in the united states who, for whatever reason, are embracing radical beliefs. in this case antonio martinez had just converted to slam. he was a young man -- islam. he was drawn to the teachings of obviously and his message. fbi agents say terrorists are being produced in a number of countries, some more surprising than others. >> we're now producing terrorists in the united states in some form or passion. these are people with an ax to
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grind that latch on to this particular security of radicalism associated with only to carry out these -- osama bin laden. >> the muslim community weighs in on this issue and the role it's playing to protect the united states from these homegrown terrorists. >> you can follow the story on our website. and facebook .com slash. >> this shows the contents of a suitcase, animal products, elephant tails, hedgehog, and camille yens. the passenger says he used the items for specialtual purposes a group wanting slowed machines is -- slot machines is blocked for a second time. the legal battle is far from
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over. >> they were hoping the city of baltimore would become the first location to offer slot machines. it appears they'll have to play longer to play. the entertainment group proposed 3700 slots in a casino near bank statement. it paid the state only 3 millions in licensing fees. the slot commission rejected the bid and this week's state appeals panel upheld the decision. some officials say that development does not mean that slots are closer to coming to baltimore. >> we need the revenue. and when i look at the money coming in in perryville, and the money coming in on the eastern shore, you know what we're missing out on. it's frustrating. >> well, attorneys for the baltimore group say they may continue their legal battle to put slots near downtown. if that happens, the license may not be rebid any time soon.
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john ridal, fox 45. >> baltimore's new landmark teacher contract is official. members of the union and school officials gathered last night to sign the measure. it more closely ties teacher pay 250 student performance. they will not get automatic pay raises based on ten your. >> no one is ever say we're not looking at the challenges of the work as something we're going to tackle together. >> top tiered teachers could earn 6 fiiures under this new agreement. one person dies in an accident, crews were on the scene of the accident on east ordinance road and globe bernie this mortgage. 3 vehicles were involved, and this other people were injured. how are the roads doing? candice has our traffic edge report. >> hello. well, we have our fair share of delays out there. 95 through the mchenry tunnel,
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15 miles an hour. 13 miles an hour on the belt way through catonsville. let's look further up. here is the delay on the inner loop lanes of the belt way because of an accident that blocks 2 lanes there. we just have break lights as far as we can see. if that's not bad enough, on the top end of the belt line there is also delays, that's because of an accident on the inner loop lanes at the jfx. as for 795 scoot throwing the area, no incidents to report, but definitely convention. we have a crash with an overturned vehicle, glen falls road. that's going to cost drivers some time. that is a look at your evening travels. >> thank you. tickets are selling big time for next year's walt grand pre. the racing development has more than $600,000 in tickets wed. the high speed race will be held
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labor day weekend. some tickets have sold for around $900. mercy medical center's new building is ready to open 7 months ahead of schedule. this time lapse shows the demolition of the old parking garage. it took 3 years to construct the 20 story building. $400 million mary katherine bunting centers features new plater rooms and 250 private rooms for patient. >> the hospital was designed in 1959 and opened in 1963. and it had basically aged out. the facilities weren't worthwhile to reinvest and we needed to move to a total solution. >> the original building will be used for long term patients. help your own daughter do a lot better in class, the habits that could improve her test scores. next. >> chaos on london, protesters take to the street. what british students are so angry about that made them resort to violence.
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>> ♪ we wish you a merry christmas, ♪ and how the day of a sick young girl is made a whole lot brighter, thanks to a generous group of musicians. >> we saw sunshine out there today. temperatures weren't too bad, temperatures will be increasing, and we'll watch out for the storm on the weekend.
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>> on this vote, the yays are 216, the nays are 198. [cheers and applause] the motion is adopted. >> speaker of the house, nancy pelosi announcing the passing of a controversial immigration reform measure. this bill grants citizenship to young illegal immigrants if they military.llege or serve in the supporters say the bill would strengthen the nation's military and economy. >> we voted on the side of the american people. the american people are in support of fixing the broken immigration system. >> the white house lobbied for this bill. now, the measure moves on to the
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senate where it faces an uphill battle. our question of the day, should illegal immigrants be given citizenship if they attend college or in the military. head to webb webb. or send -- or send us a tweet. fox 45a for yes, b for no. your response on the news at 10:00. thousands of college students reallying against tuition increases in london. >> this office has come up [indiscernible], clearly been injured. there has been nasty classes. >> students are angry about the plan to triple tuition raising it from about 5 to $15,000. a california home packed with explosives, burns to the ground. police were responsible for burning it. saying it was safer than trying to remove all the explosives inside the home. the home's tenant pled not
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guilty to federal charges of bomb manufacturiig. dozens of nearby homes were evacuated. no injuries were reported. >> in our health check a survey showing girls who walk or bike to school perform better in math and verbal schools. scientists found girl whose commute scored 4 points better on cognitive tests. the study showed walking or biking to school has no effect on boys test scores. some dogs are helping students at the university of california make it through their finals. this is the third year the school hired man's best buddy to help students deal with test stress. the students say it really worked. >> ema is a therapy dog foremost. >> i feel like a kid in a candy shop. i'm so happy right now. >> animals always make me smile. >> the dogs are used in hospital programs as well around san diego county in california.
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11-year old girl in east baltimore battling cancer got unexpected holiday cheer. kathleen was by her bedside for the big, big surprise. >> jeff, it happened at kennedy kroeger hospital this afternoon. dessunny jasper has been under going critical therapy. and her mom says music has been a motivational tool helping here through the treatments. >> ♪ we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a choice choice ♪ >> a local group surprised her with a few holiday songs. she is fighting a rare cancer and is unable to speak. but was brought to tears by the compassionate and generous group. >> this dreaded disease has taken so many wishes and dreams away, the fellows and i felt compelled to make sure that this dream did not go untouched. >> destiny found out she had cancer last spring. her home hopes she can be well
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enough to go home for christmas day. we'll have more on her story tonight at 10:00. kathleen karens, fox 45, news at 5:30. >> how ward stern will remain on the air another 5 years, the massive amount of cash the shock jock could be earning. and looking at the temperatures, not bad today much we saw temperatures in the 30s. we will continue to see warmer
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>>oward stern signs a whole new contract. he will say is cirrus radio for another 5 years. 5 years ago, he signed a deal with the station for $500 million. no official word how much this contract will be. but one expert says the new deal is worth at least $400 million. bruce cunningham's favorite singer, lady gaga, unveiled at the wax museum in london. 8 wax versions were appealed to the public, each different than the other. in london, lady gaga in dressed in her infamous telephone outfit. think your name is awesome? one oregon man could have you beat. he legally changed his name from
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douglas smith to captain as youen. when asked why, he says because he needed a way to distinguish himself from his father. esinspired by a popular television character. reaction is surprisingly mixed. >> weird things i've gotten from admiration to disgust. people calling me all types of not friendly names. >> captain awesome says he now signs his name with 2 arrows and a smiley face. [laughter] >> lord. okay. his father is proud. we have a storm coming to baltimore this weekend. venus reid, the green hornet himself. >> the green hornet and captain awesome. we're talking about what's going on coming our way. we definitely have a storm that's heading up from the
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midwest. @%'re going to get some rain and potentially a little snow. i'll show you that in a moment. talking about out there right now, we have a little bittof clearing. we may get a few clouds back in the picture. 30 degrees right now. wind coming out of the west at 7. humid levels, 47%. almanac page tells the story of the day. up to 35, got some sunshine. the wing weren't too much after factor which makes the difference. doesn't feel as bone chilling cold. it was cold in the morning hours, but we saw a decent daa. the temperatures will continue to increase. the low was 19 this morning. started chilly but it wasn't bad through the afternoon. precipitation looking dry. nothing came down out of the clouds. many of the loud coverage stayed to the north of us. more clouds will build in from the west. partly cloudy skies and then we'll see temperatures increasing going through the next couple of days. 30 in baltimore, 28 in hagers town, 18 in western maryland. that's the cooler air in the
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state right now. are not too much of a factors coming out of the west. only about 7 miles an hour. 10 in zc. theuish factor -- the windchill factor, not too much of a problem. 23, that's what it feels like in baltimore. only 11 degrees in western maryland. the core of cold air, boston 25 degrees. 18 in albany, cleveland, 25. big storm that was to the north of us is starting to shift further north. we have to keep our eyes to the west, we will continue to see a little clipper system dropping snow across michigan. that's the front edge. @%at's not the storm we're watching. we're watching the system that's behind it. looks like this one stays north. the next is going to push up through the midwest and give us a chance for maybe that rain, there is the front edge of it, %-by sunday, it will be heavy rainfall through the area and on
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the back edge of that we'll get a mixed bag of prescription for late sunday into monday. most of the snow belt will be north over cleavened. indianapolis, several inches of snow, a light dusting. most of the rain will stay across the region through the day. definitely looks like tonight we'll see the temperatures down to 23 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 5. i've have your completswbtéñéñéñ
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>> as the winter eetings continue, the orioles continue to be players. day they got the shortstop they needed. andy pulled off a trade with the minnesota twins and j.j. hardy is heading to baltimore. they send the twins minor league pitchers jim and brett jake beenson.
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the twins send the birds cash, around $500,000. 28-year old, hardy will team with another newly acquired player, mark reynolds, to give the birds a new look. in '07 and '08 he hit a series of 50 home runs. more on this tonight. across town, the ravens are back on the practice field getting ready to face the texans monday in texas. as they put in the work, one goal is clear. that goal is amnesia. even though they were devastated %-have to put that game behindy@ them permanently and focus on the next task. @%at comes monday in houston. >> it's over. they're 9-3, we're 8-4. we're facing a team this week that if you did dwell on last week, you can gettembarrassed monday night. they have that type of talent. the bottom line is the next day
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you have to move on. >> one of the major leagues reining center stars gets a massive new contract. move from the ravens, and silver spotlight at 10:50. >> back with a look at the foreeast. %-the way?and some storms are on >> these will be lining up over the next week and a half or so. coull be potential we could get a white christmas, looking at 7 day forecast, 41 degrees for tomorrow. sun and clouds, cloudy on saturday. 46 degrees. that storm puuhes in on sunday, giving us rain through the day. as the temperatures drop from 44 degrees to 230s, there could be a rain snow mix. monday, gets pretty chilly.
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